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Truck Build Sponsorship

Thank you for choosing Road Armor Bumpers. In order to help us qualify you for sponsorship we ask you to fill out this sponsorship application. Upon completion of this application, please return it to Road Armor, along with a formal written proposal. Pictures of the vehicle should accompany all applications. Sorry, applications without pictures cannot be processed.

  • Road Armor also requires all sponsored vehicles to conform to the following guidelines:
  • Maintain a minimum of 1 front and 1 rear bumper if available for your model.
  • Refrain from using or displaying names or products of any competing company
  • Prohibited transfer or modification of any products included in sponsorship package
  • If a wrap is on the vehicle “ROAD ARMOR” must be on display as a feature sponsor of the vehicle
  • Vehicle cannot be sold or have any Road Armor product removed and replaced with a competing line within 12 months of this signed agreement.  If so sponsoree will be in violation of this agreement and we have the full right to charge the sponsoree’s credit card for full retail list value of all product on the vehicle.
  • Maintain a minimum of two "ROAD ARMOR" decals, one on each side of vehicle or display a "ROAD ARMOR" windshield decal
  • Display - "Road Armor" Phone: 877-294-2726, web: www.roadarmor.com - on all displays including: the vehicle, sponsor boards or any other display used during any promotional activity
  • Bi-monthly written summary reports including: photos, tear sheets of magazine feature stories, copies of ads or brochures or any other promotional literature where the vehicle is featured, and any other proof that demonstrates that the sponsorship agreement has been fulfilled
  • Full editorial provided to Road Armor to use as needed required within 60 days of receiving the product. Subject and final editorial must be approved by Road Armor. Examples can be provided upon request. A minimum of 500 words is mandatory.
  • Photographs, once the project build is complete, are required within 2 weeks.

Replacement products will only be provided in the unlikely event of a manufacturer defect. Replacement requests for worn-out products, products that fail due to driver negligence, or for theft will not be honored.

Road Armor retains detailed documentation files as evidence to support all sponsorship's. We require charge card information including the name of the person or company being sponsored. In the event that Road Armor does not receive adequate documentation, as required herein, within the specified time frame (i.e. 90 days of receipt of product), we reserve the right to charge full retail price for products that have already been supplied on a sponsorship basis, but have not met the guidelines specified in our policy. Those requesting sponsorship agree that should they not supply full documentation demonstrating complete fulfillment of all specifics outlined in the original proposal, they will be charged full retail price for the product provided. Road Armor also requires that the owner of each sponsored vehicle complete a feedback form so as to provide Road Armor with quotes about your impression of the product, desired improvements, and the reactions of others acquainted with the sponsored vehicle. Information provided may be used for all multimedia, including but not limited to advertisements, press releases and promotions. Again we thank you for choosing Road Armor and we look forward to doing business with you in the future.

Please use this PDF to complete the Sponsorship Application.  Once you have completed the form, please upload your complete document along with your required images on this page and click submit Sponsor request.