January in northern British Columbia Canada can have its bad days this was one of those days.
The weather continuously was getting worse travelling north on a mountain highway.  The vehicle in front of me was tailgating a semi truck in bad visibility. When the semi hit the brakes to avoid a plow truck,  the driver in front of me slammed into the truck deploying his air bags and disabled the vehicle at 90 kms an hour. Out of the snow dust the disabled f350 at a stop now appeared only a couple truck lengths in front of me out of no where. With no time to move and no Where to go I braced for the high speed hit. My full impact resulted in destroying my truck and thankfully because of my road armor bumper saved my life from my Cummins engine traveling between my frame rails and crushing me.  The officials on site believed the bumper was why I walked away.  I have now had to get another truck and I’ll be saving some money aside to try and afford another one of your bumpers as soon as possible. My family and I thank you for your incredibly strong product that I was always happy to have on my truck.
I bought it for deer, elk and hoped I never hit a moose. Well I hit tons of deer with that thing and never hit an elk and luckily never a moose. Never thought I’d need it for a vehicle impact.

Thanks again, I look forward to getting another one sometime.