I was driving down the road, with no traffic if front of me, when out of nowhere, a driver pulling out from a shopping center on one side of the road, decided to proceed across all lanes of traffic to get to a shopping center on the other side of the road.  She never looked to see my big Red Truck approaching at 40 MPH.  I never even had time to hit the brakes!  I hit her right in the passenger doors.  Fortunately there was no passengers in her vehicle, or this story would have had a very sad ending!  She bounced off my truck and into some utility support lines.  I pulled over and ran to her vehicle to see if they were ok!  I could not believe the damage her vehicle received!  When I went to see how my vehicle faired in the encounter, I saw my front bumper all scratched up, but there was no intrusion into my engine compartment or radiators!  I drove away from the scene, and took my truck out four wheeling the next day!  Without the Road Armor bumper in place, my truck would be in the junk yard right next to her trashed chevy!  Kudos Road Armor!  All of the emergency firemen at the scene remarked how impressive the road armor bumper was in protecting my vehicle!  They likely will all be calling you for one of their own now!