Almost a year ago I bought a used 2012 Dodge Ram 3500 4x4 Laramie Mega Cab. The previous owner did a lot of custom work to it which included a front Stealth Road Armor bumper and a matching Stealth bumper in the back. I get a lot of compliments on the truck but mostly on the bumpers

One night I was driving south on I-45 from Downtown Dallas heading home after work. My navigation was directing me around a wreck on I-35. When I exited to turn on the service road, a white van hit me before I could even see it.

I pulled over to the curb to get out of the way and to check on the other driver. I got over to her and found she was ok. Her side air bags had gone off. As you can see from the picture she had a huge gash down the whole driver's side of her van where what she hit by my truck.

After making sure she was OK I went back to my truck to access the situation. When I got around to the passenger side I was amazed to see almost no damage at all! There was a small amount of paint transfer on the fender skirt but absolutely no sheet metal damage at all. The Road Armor bumper absorbed the biggest part of the impact.

Unfortunately, when she hit the front of my truck, she also hit my tire, which bent the drag link on my steering. If that had not happened, I very possibly could have gone without having to do any repairs to my truck at all thanks to my Road Armor bumpers!

I sure wish I could put your product on my daughter's Hyundai.