Last year my husband and I met you guys at SEMA and were impressed with the quality of your work. We purchased custom bumpers that could withstand a moose collision here in Alaska. Well, last week, my husband hit not one, but TWO moose driving home on a dark rainy night. Usually this means death for everyone involved. However, the Road Armor bumper did its job BEAUTIFULLY! The truck is a total loss but my husband walked away laughing without a single scratch. Also, the bumper didn’t have a single scratch or bend either! Everyone from the state troopers who responded to the two truck driver who came to get the truck were so impressed with how well the bumper remained. That same night, another moose collision took the lives of two others here in Alaska. I have no doubt in my mind your bumpers save my husband and for that I am eternally grateful. We will be back from a more Road Armor bumpers when our new truck gets in.