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The Road Armor
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We use 0.25 (1/4)’’ and 0.1875 (3/16)’’ steel sheet metal. Our 1/4’’ sheets are almost 2.5x thicker than some of our competitor’s 12 guages sheets. Even our 3/16’’ sheets are almost 2.5x thicker than our competitor’s 10 guage sheets!

Laser Vs
know the difference

Every piece of steel at Road Armor is precision laser cut for efficient assembly and the ultimate in fit and final finish

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Weld porosity matters. It does not buff out and is not an acceptable practice. Road Armor workmanship is guaranteed for LIFE. Competitor welds may have the following characteristics: Brittle, breaking welds, inconsistency, rust issues, lots of grinding, bad for powdercoating and just plain UGLY!

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our Tolerances

Our YMM Code cut into 1/4’’ internal bracket


Tight tolerances for exact part assembly every time


Only 3 weld seams shown and keyed in light cans for exact fit

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how it's made
Fully Boxed internal structure
Interior internal structure
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Excellence & consistency
Consistent Quality

We utilize formed 3/16” plate for our light tabs which are keyed into the bumper and then welded. We also spend a significant amount of time grinding all the welds smooth and eliminating grind marks on the bumper face.

Cutting corners

Budget brands cut corners by using thinner steel, and unskilled laborers. Look at the weld spatter and the hacked together round tubing for their light cans that are tack welded in place.